Parenting 101 by Deborah Williams

Parenting 101 by Deborah Williams

I take a funny look at parenting as a mother of three. Looking at issues such as bullying - to tell the other parent or not to tell? Scary parents. Coaching sports teams - (are you mad?) How old is old enough for a sleep over?

Australia is NOT child friendly?


According to a press release from NAPCAN (National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect) Australia is not child friendly.
You can read it here:

Gosh, this is not.... more »

Where is Perth's BEST park? Besides the obvious


We braved the Royal Show this year. It was good - in a weird parallel universe kind of way, where everything costs ten times more than it should...and we queue to be terrified on rides put together by people who look like they may have some sort of an issue.
It was Miss 8's first time at the show, and I asked her if she enjoyed it.
"Yeah," she said in a tired voice "but I.... more »

I Really Really Hate Halloween


Oh how I hate Halloween.

Why oh why do we have this American tradition in Australia?
If we HAVE to mindlessly adopt their traditions why can’t we have Thanksgiving? Nice Thanksgiving where families sit around and tell each other how grateful they are for each other. Good wholesome stuff.

But no – instead we get Halloween, where our.... more »

Head, Thorax, Abdo - what?? Curriculum Shake-Up Needed!


Sometimes I wonder what on earth we are teaching our children.
My 6 year old came home recently having learnt rhythm at school and drove us mad singing ta-ti-ti-ta-ta all afternoon. This is a precursor to the introduction of the dreaded recorder isn't it? Irritation aside - is this really necessary?
Miss 8 seems to have spent the entire term learning about insects. She knows about.... more »

Where Are The Parents? Rant Alert!


I was crossing a very busy road yesterday. The corner of Ennis and Grange in Rockingham. There are traffic lights there, but drivers fly along at 100ks an hour (it's an 80 zone but...)
And it was scary. Four lanes of fast cars coming from every direction.
Now I am no country hick road-crossing novice - I am a city girl through and through.
I got to the other side and.... more »

Happy Birthday Dear Brat-Face


Birthday parties are funny things once your child begins school.
Gone are the loving home videos of your child surrounded by the people who love them most - Grandma smiling lovingly as your toddler spits cake all over her, cousins running amok, nice family gatherings in the backyard... to be replaced by your child's entire class, some of whom you may not know (or care to know) running.... more »

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