Good on Colin

FACED with an emotional, increasingly personal and non-logical barrage from a vocal minority (with some crazy elements), Colin Barnett has stood his ground, showing sensible leadership that I think is uncommon for our times. more »

Humans vicious

TO Colin Barnett and all those of his ilk with the ignorant idea of killing sharks to safeguard humans who enter the sharks’ territory (and who know the score), just remember that the sharks are not coming on to land to hunt down and kills humans. more »

Law gutless

IN response to out-of-control parties, I think the Government has set up the way for party gatecrashers to get away with their crime. more »

Little thought

AM I mistaken or is it true that we are spending millions of dollars for scientists to tag sharks with beacons to monitor their movements, only to spend more money to have the same sharks caught and slaughtered on drum lines? more »

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