Fears for river

I MUST congratulate the Swan Mayor Charlie Zannino (Reporter, October 15) for his fine work to gain the City of Swan a place in the final of the WA Tourism Awards for the third successive year. more »

Soldier angered

WHO does incoming councillor Paul Bridges think he is? more »

AFL should pay

THE population of WA is over two million and the new stadium will cater for 60,000 people.This means nearly two million people do not attend AFL matches in WA. more »

A gap too far

FURTHER to the letter in last week's edition headlined "Good and bad", I too rely on public transport to get around and I too have mostly good experiences with the bus drivers. more »

Fire risk grows

AFTER seeing the pain and suffering of those tragic fires in New South Wales, could it happen here? more »

Site is ideal

IT surprises me how the vocal minority always gets the media‚Äôs attention. more »

Curt request

I HAVE recently returned from Bali where, as usual, the hospitality was excellent. more »

Right choices

SOMETIMES there is a choice to be made between a healthy, happy and long-lasting relationship, or winning arguments and always being right. more »

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