Wear a hat

IT amazes me that in this Australian capital city for skin cancer, most people fail to wear hats. more »

Recycling vital

MY congratulations to the Town of Bassendean on the Saturday Twilight Markets and for supporting this social investment in our community. more »

Justice well served

THE Eastern Reporter’s March 4 edition had one of the best stories of justice that I have ever read. more »

Rubbish dumped

I’M writing to express my disgust as a ratepayer at the dumping of household rubbish in our Mirrabooka streets by the tenants and/or owners of the houses. more »

Lethal coconuts

ABOUT 150 people are killed each year by falling coconuts. more »

Honest mention

HOW refreshing to read your article on Samantha Jade in your February 11 issue. more »

Not so good days

I HAD to laugh after reading your editorial in the February 11 edition headlined “Seniors fit for a full life”. more »

Views expressed

THE February 4 edition letter headlined “Good on Colin” by Edd Prumm supporting Premier Barnett regarding the culling of sharks can only be taken as last-ditched support for the State Liberal Government and its failings. more »

Daily slaughter

I APPLAUD the thousands of people who have protested against the killing of sharks and in no way do I wish to diminish their fantastic work. more »

A lost cause

I PHONED a WA government department to obtain a licence. more »

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